Disable plugin warning

Hello There,

do we have any way to disable this waring when sonarqube starts

Plugins are not provided by SonarSource, and you therefore install them at your own risk. A SonarQube administrator needs to acknowledge this risk in the Marketplace before installing plugins or when prompted in SonarQube after installing a plugin manually.

I want to check how we can disable at startup, please guide.



This isn’t something you can turn off. Has an admin gone into the interface to acknowledge the warning?


Hello Ann,

we found that solution, we are passing query to database where this warning gets acknowledged,
we used below query at sonarqube startup to have that warning accepted before someone is accessing sonarqube.

psql -U $DBUSERNAME password=$SONARQUBE_DB_PASS -h sonarqube-database -p 5432 -c"UPDATE public.properties SET text_value = ‘ACCEPTED’ WHERE prop_key = ‘sonar.plugins.risk.consent’"

It is better to have these warnings but we were doing some POC for which we needed to disable this at startup.


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