Disable http method OPTIONS in Sonarqube

Dear team,

We wanted to know if there is a way to disable the http ‘OPTIONS’ method in Sonarqube. We are currently using AWS Application Load Balancer behind our Sonarqube server application. We saw a KB How to disable specific http methods in Jira | Jira | Atlassian Documentation where Jira has this possibility using web.xml or server.xml but unfortunately Sonarqube doesn’t have these files (Maybe I’m wrong?)

So, can you tell us how we can disable this OPTIONS method in Sonarqube?
Note:- we are using Sonarqube EE v9.4 running on self-hosted single server license.


Hey there.

SonarQube doesn’t support limiting HTTP, or frankly performing any web server management through configuration – it relies on something sitting outside of/in front of the SonarQube server for that (like a reverse proxy to serve SonarQube over HTTPS).

This means you’ll be relying on whatever ALB allows, or adding in another layer.