Disable auto-update to built-in quality profiles during restart

  • Version of SonarQube: 7.9.5 LTS
  • Trying to disable auto-update of builtin profiles every time instance is restarted
  • Checked parameters available to achieved this but couldnot find any

We have baselined the quality of all applications at organization and auto update of quality profiles during restart introduces changes over baselines value. We do update these profiles periodically but as a planned change hence want to control this.

We are aware that built-in profile can be copied/extended to create custom profile for which updates can be controlled but we would like to explore any options that allows us to control updates for builtin profile.


First, your version is past EOL & you should upgrade at your earliest convenience to 8.9.1, the current LTS, or 9.0, the current version.

When you do, your Sonar way profiles will automatically be updated because… that’s just the way it works. When you upgrade you get the latest/greatest & that’s reflected in the built-in profiles too.