Difficulty with Go and new lines not showing up

I’m trying to understand why I cannot get new lines of code or coverage to show up on PRs and branches for Golang


Everything is public so you should be able see what I am doing

Hello @Tony_Worm

Well, we can’t see everything (like analysis parameters or scope). The PR does not report any changes from the master branch: PR63 code is empty, while we can see that:

  • there are changes on some Go files
  • the PR is supposed to be merged into _dev, you set up the target as master in SC but I checked script/_ast/cmd.go in SC on the master branch, this code is not present, so it should generate a diff (and make new issues/new code appear)

Everything looks normal on this front. So I guess the issue is with your analysis: it could be that the code checked out is not the right one, parameters does not correspond to the code being checked out, etc. I can see that you have some fancy scripts implying the analysis being run on docker, it’s pretty good but likely something wrong is happening here. I suggest you to turn the debug mode in the analysis and investigate here what’s going on.