Different startup behaviour of Community and Enterprise server?


We are in the process of migrating to SQ 8.9. We are doing this in parallel on a Community and an Enterprise instance. At startup we get an error:

Web Server
2021.06.01 07:44:26 ERROR web[]...
  • The Community server enters the error in the LOG file and starts.
  • The Enterprise server aborts after the error.

Can the startup behaviour be influenced by a setting?


Hi, it’s going to be hard to help you without the error message. Just to double-check, you are not running the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition on the same machine, right?

Hi Pierre,

Community Edition and Enterprise Edition on the same machine

Have to ask our IT how the setup is exactly? Would image one physical machine with two virtual machines on top, …

But the point is more why Enterprise edition stops after an ERROR in the LOG file and the Community edition not?

The exact error message is:

2021.06.01 07:44:26 ERROR web[][o.s.c.s.o.CxxOtherRepository] Cannot load Rules Definions 'Fail to load the rule with key [other:UNINIT.STACK.MUST]

coming from this plugin/code:


Just make sure you don’t have any TCP port conflict :+1: It does not look like it’s the issue here.

I don’t know much about this plugin, so I’m not sure that I’m able to help. Maybe someone else will answer on this specific error. I have a question though: Are you sure you need this community plugin, given the fact that you benefit from the built-in CFamily analyzer in Enterprise Edition?

Hi Pierre,

Just make sure you don’t have any TCP port conflict

Answer from our IT: The two server instances are running on two different physical machines. It’s for sure not an IP problem. We can also turn off the Community server and the problem is the same on the Enterprise server.

I don’t know much about this plugin …

The general question/issue has nothing to do with the plugin.

  • The question is, what is the Enterprise server doing if there is an ERROR in the LOG file?
  • … and why is the behaviour different compared to the Community server?
  • Original question was: Is there an option to define/configure the behaviour?

Are you sure you need this community plugin

… yes we are sure.


The same thing as the Community Edition. SonarQube Behaviours are not tights to a log level: and error during startup often mean that SonarQube won’t start, while an error during normal operation only means something failed, but SonarQube can still operate.

The resolution of your problem will most likely be linked to what change in Enterprise Edition, mostly the additional built-in analyzers in that case (maybe a conflict on rule key for example).

Do you have any more information in the stack trace below the error?