Did the "About" Page for v9.4 Go Away?

When we upgraded to Enterprise v9.4 the About page was no longer there and defaulted to the Project page.

Did this get taken away?

It was important because we modified content on that landing page, such as instructions and disclaimers required by DoD. We used the sonar.lf.aboutText property for the About Page Text. We no longer have a customizable place to do this… Are there other options?

Hey there.

This did go away in SonarQube v9.2 (SONAR-15614)

As noted in the comments on that ticket:

We’re considering a feature called “Custom message at login” for future versions of SonarQube. You can find it here and provide feedback/use-case.

Interesting. Thanks for the quick feedback–yes, I checked it out.

Any update on this? Unclear about the implementation roadmap.

Hey there.

Right now, this is targeted for the next release of SonarQube, v9.7!