Developer edition does not show rules for swift and objtive-c

Hi sonarqube community,
We are using Sonarqube Developer Edition Version

But i can not find any rules of Swift and Objective-C available on the Web

How can i enable these rules ?

Hi Nguyễn,

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It seems your SonarQube administrator(s) may have removed several plugins from your server’s /extensions/plugins directory manually - something that we strongly disencourage. Another possible reason is that, during the upgrade to Developer Edition, administrators may have overridden this folder with whatever was available on your previous Community Edition deployment.

You will have to double check whether the Swift and Objective-C plugins exist in that folder and if they don’t, manually download them and add them back from this and this other pages (use the download link in those pages). You will then need to restart your server.

Hope it helps, regards,

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It is.
After upgrade to Developer Edition,our Swift and Obj-C plugin just disappeared.
Thank you.

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