'Developer Edition can't automatically be installed' error in Community Edition

I noticed our Community Edition [Version 7.0 (build 36138)], has a red warning/message when I navigate to the “Administration” tab. The message is:

“Developer Edition can’t automatically be installed because of internet access issues. Please manually install the package.”

We don’t intend to install Developer Edition on this instance. We’ll eventually upgrade to a commercial edition (dev or enterprise), but that would be on a new server. I’d like to know where this message came from, and if there’s something we can do to remove the message.

Hi @vdev987

That is strange. It could be a bug specific to 7.0. Have you tried updating to a more up-to-date version? 7.0 is more than a year old, and many things have changed since :slight_smile:. As an aside, we just released 7.7.

We finally did move to 7.9.1 Enterprise Edition (new host). I don’t see that message anymore.

Thanks for confirming the issue is fixed by upgrading !