Detect usage of certain parameter names

I often make C code, which has to run on many platforms. Occationally I run into the trap that a certain (not-that-well-maintained compiler) does not allow a certain parameter names, due to overlap with some parameter from the vendor SDK; example from yesterday “pm”. SIlly - we renamed this to programmemory or alike, all good.

It could be golden to allow user defined black lists of variable-names - or similarly function-names, that would be a major problem for one or more platforms.

It should be quite simple to add to SonarQube - albeit it will require a new feature and the user can specify a list (or just one name) for the bad variable/function name.

Hello @peter.toft,

While this is not exactly what you asked for, we have rules about naming conventions where you can tune the used regex to exclude some names.

I hope this can help.