Detect Leak using SonarLint


We are using sonarlint extension for visual studio to analyze our code by connecting to our project’s rule profile. However, we need to detect code smell introduced by newly added code and not analysis report for each worked file. For example one file might have 50 legacy issues but if my newly added code fixes 10 issues but in turn introduces 5 new issues then I need to see those 5 issues locally in visual studio.

This is the same way teamcity is giving us scan report after build. Please suggest how can I detect new leak using sonarlint and visual studio

Hi @Biswanath_Chatterjee, welcome to the community :wave:

We do not currently support this feature. It’s on our backlog but it was given a lower priority.
I’ve converted your topic to “new features” so that other users could vote for it.

Please feel free to watch this topic and the github issue.