Deprecated Rule: Insufficient Line Coverage

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SonarQube 9.8
Deployed via Docker
Understanding of Deprecated rules
Rummaged around the rules “attic”, wandered the community site for similar questions.

I am looking specifically at the rule Rules - Attic ( I am seeing that the rule is deprecated. However, I do not understand the why or what has replaced it. This rule in particular seems like it’s a great rule to have. However, I suspect there is something that has replaced it that I am being pushed towards?

Would really love to see comments in the “attic” about why it was deprecated and how its being migrated.

Hey there.

I think “attic” is just the name of a SonarCloud organization you found. It’s nothing special so far as rule definitions. :slight_smile:

Take a look at SONAR-16051

The 6 “Common Server Rules” don’t make sense and should be deprecated before being removed with SQ 10.0
Overall these rules bring low value to the users who do the effort to activate them (because they are not activated by default in SonarWay).

For “Branches should have sufficient coverage by tests” and “Lines should have sufficient coverage by tests”. These 2 rules try to enforce a minimum level of coverage at file level. The default value is 65% which lower than the default value we provide through the Quality Gate configuration. This can have the side effect of spending time improving the coverage of some files just to reach this level while what is important is to get a good coverage (>80%) at project level.