Deleted sonar-admins group by mistake

We’re using Sonar chart.
I deleted the sonar-admins group by mistake (while trying to delete a lot of groups with the API).
Is there a possibility to make it work again ?
We’re using Sonarqube version 9.6.1 and the chart version 5.0.6
Thanks for your help !


If this deletion locked you out of admin functionality, you’ll need to reinstate admin access. Then the user you’ve granted admin to directly can re-create the group.


Thanks, i found this link yesterday and it helped us getting back the access !
But this morning, we have no more access to sonar.
When we tries to log in with the admin account, it says the authentification failed and the GithubSSO option disappeared so we can’t more connect to our sonarqube instance.
We enabled the persistence, following your tips (Plugins automatically deleting - #7 by leo.geoffroy). Could it be the problem ?

And we just updated the chart a few days ago. Could it be the cause too ?

I could access it with the admin account with password ‘admin’ (the default one). It looks like everything disappeared. Is it a known problem with persistency ?

I’m moving this to another ticket because it’s another problem : Sonarqube data erased at startup

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