Decorating old GH pull requests

Sonarqube 8.8

We’ve integrated our setup with github and I have setup pull request decoration per the docs. We have a github actions setup that decorates on new pull requests, and this seems to be working great.

Sometime in the past few days, the system started going back and adding the PR decoration to all pull requests on projects, including ones that are closed. It’s slowly looping through all of the PRs. This is a bit annoying because many of the PRs have been closed for months, and for the people who opened them or were tagged in them, they’re getting email alerts from github about updates to the PRs.

Is there a way to NOT have these closed PRs get decorated? We have the default setting in place that auto closes the sonarqube PR after 30 days, so I’m not sure why these are getting picked up.

It looks like this is related to the Enable analysis summary under the GitHub Conversation tab feature, which I’ve just gone through and manually disabled on all of our repos.