Database Cleaner site versus project settings

  • Community Edition - Version 7.9.4

At the site level we have defined specific values under the Database Cleaner section. In a project, can these values be changed by a user with Administer permissions. Do the values defined at the Site level take precedence?


Hey Patricia,

Any override at the project level will take precedent.

Thanks Collin. We would to like to keep our DB from grow too large, in order to do so we have changed the DB Cleaner settings. Is there a way to ensure that these settings do not change at the project level.

If not, Is there a way to change those setting for all projects

You could regularly audit these settings using the Web API (GET api/settings/values)!

But to be quite honest, it user editing of these values really a big concern? Most users aren’t even sure what these settings mean – and the global values are inherited by projects by default :slight_smile: