Customize projects page to show additionnal project measures


Most of the time, I’m developing custom pages to extend Sonar with some additional features but here I’ve got a case where the “more” link appearing on global or project page is not enough (see following screenshot where I added a custom page plugin).

I would like to add some custom measure ratings directly on the global home page. Currently we have 5 main categories as you can see on the following screenshot :

So I would like to add an additional measure right after “Code smells”.

By checking the React code I see that all is hardcoded and put into a ProjectCardMeasure tag. Is there a way to get such a feature that seems really interesting for lots of my customers?

Thanks for any feedbacks.


If it’s interesting to your customers, perhaps it would be interesting to all users. Care to share the details?



To be more specific, it would be great to be able to configure the project summary (first screenshot) and project details (second screenshot) in two manners :

  • adding new measures or group of measures
  • remove, add, modify existing measures that are rendered in those blocks

This is really because I notice that I’m always developing the same things years after years (instead of just configuring) but perhaps I’m dreaming of an Enterprise Edition features in the community edition :wink:
Most of the times, I’m redeveloping “project page” by page extension plugin but this is really badly integrated (you have to click on links).

By inspecting the React code I saw that it is hardcoded ie we call each group of measures explicitly and there is no hook/extension put into place to add a specific new measure or alter them.