Custom rules for PHP project

Hello everyone, I’m interested in creating custom rules for SonarQube’s PHP project. However, from what I can tell, there are only custom rules available for Java projects. Is there a method to establish custom rules for PHP projects in SonarQube?
It is very helpful to me because I am currently using SonarQube’s PHP project but there are some rule that default not have. So that why I want to customize and add more rule for PHP

Or Could you please give me a way to workaround it. Many thanks

Hey there!

Take a look at this post, and its useful links.

Hi Colin, Thanks for your help! I mean could we customize it in the Sonar Server.

Or we cannot proceed in that manner; instead, we only have the option to customize it like this. PHP (

You have to use a custom plugin to create custom rules for SonarQube.