Custom jar file getting deleted from plugin folder after sonar gets restarted

Can someone please help me with the issue i am facing. After placing custom rule plugin jar file in extensions/plugin folder, restarting sonar removes jar file automatically. Please can someone suggest solution here.


Hi @Vaibhavi_Chavda,

Please provide more information like:
SQ version
Plugin version

Sonar java plugin :
Sonar Qube version: 7.1


It’s very strange to me that the jar would be deleted. Does anything about this show up in the logs? Also, what if you drop your plugin in $SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/downloads instead?


Tried it but still the same thing happened, sonar deleted the jar file from `$SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/downloads too.


This is very odd to me. I’m not aware of any mechanism in SonarQube that would be deleting this file. But if there is one, I’m pretty sure it would log something about doing so. Anything in your logs?


@Vaibhavi_Chavda did you find a solution ? I’m facing a similar problem : Sonar removes my plugins