Create Custom API for Sonarqube

Is it possible to create custom API for SonarQube? As of now the API’s provided from SonarQube end is not sufficient to our requirement. Hence we are planning to create our custom API. Is this achievable?

A good place to start would probably be describing what requirements aren’t being met by the existing API.

Thanks Colin for the quick response. I’m sorry, at this moment I don’t have that details. Reason behind this is I got this info from a different team and they have just reached out to us asking this hypothetical question. They want to know if in case there doesn’t exist an API for their need, is it possible to custom develop an API. Has this been done previously?

It’s really not possible to talk about this in the hypothetical. SonarQube is extensible, but for any productive conversation you would need to describe how you’re trying to extend it. Are you trying to build a new Web API? A Plugin API? Something else?

I would really encourage you to detail what’s missing, so we can see if something is possible without building something custom (you have the chance to talk to experts in this community), and tell you what you’re options are.

Thanks Colin,

Ill try to get more information regarding this. Out of curiosity I would like to know if its possible to build a new custom Web API from the customer end without involving SonarQube folks.