Coverage override in multimodule maven project

Hi community,

I have a big project consisting of around 40 maven projects. Everyone of them is isolated, having its own unit tests. I am able to scan all the projects in sonarqube in a multimodule way, but with the coverage there is a big issue. Any user story only affects one, or maybe two maven projects. So, in the pipeline I just run the tests for the affected projects. It could take a whole day for running the unit tests of all of the projects. Obviously, only the coverage of the affected project is generated. And, every time I run it, this coverage is override and previous report dissapear.

Is there a way to accumalate the coverage reports and get them override only when the same maven project runs?

Hope I am clear. Thank you all for your help.


Analyses are not additive. You can’t update an existing analysis with late-breaking coverage reports.

If possible, you should analyze each of these 40 Maven projects as a separate project in SonarQube, each with its own coverage reports.


Thank you, G Ann, this is what I expected, just wanted to confirm it

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