Coverage at 100%, but not 100% when clicking on file


So basically when I go to the code menu I see a Coverage of 100% for some files : Video 03-01-2022 22 11 but when I go to the file itself it shows me not a full coverage but xx% instead of 100%.

How can I have the real coverage of the files in the code menu without checking inside each file? Also is there a way for a pull request to see the coverage of the whole code and not only the new code somehow ?

Thank you for your help

Hey @Perh0rd

Thanks for the detailed video.

I agree it’s confusing.

What you’re seeing while drilling down through the file structure are the measures on New Code (the code you changed in the pull request). When you click into the file, you are no longer seeing measures on New Code but on all the code in the file.

I’m not exactly sure what a better state would be.

You can’t. This information is available in the drill-down only for long-lived branches

You should see Estimated after merge on your PR dashboard.

I’ll pass your feedback along to the right team internally.

Hi! Thank you for the explanations.

Have a good day.