Copying reviews from one project to another

Hi, we currently have a dev and a release repo connected via Gitlab integration to sonarqube. They are running through the helper not the gitlab-runner at the moment.

In the dev repo our developers are reviewing their code in Sonarqube. The release repo contains more code (e.g. additional vendor libraries) and we would like all the reviews already performed to be copied over from dev to release project on a regular basis.

Is this possible somehow?

We’re currently on version

Thanks in advance everyone.


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By ‘reviews’, I guess you mean issue status changes and comments?

Per the docs, that’s only done on the first analysis of a branch, from main to the new branch, and on merge.


Hi Ann,
thanks for your reply.

I would say yes, I also meant marking false-positives etc.
But we would need that not for different branches, but for completely seperate repositories, where only some parts of the code is identical.


There’s absolutely 0 provision for that. IMO your best bet there is to extract those chunks of code into centralized libraries.


I was afraid of that.