Container image database configuration

Hey everyone.
Ive configured my Azure Container Image using sonarqube:latest (recently updated to 8.2) Im trying to configure my JDBC data but the H2 DB is not changing for the one I configured.

What I tried:
1 - Configured the file

2 - Added multiple env variables

export SONARQUBE_JDBC_URL=jdbc:sqlserver://;database=

3 - Restarted from the “Restart Server” button located on the SQ Portal.

Shouldn’t take the conf file data to connect to the DB?

Thanks for your help

You’ll need to do a full restart of SonarQube, not from the UI, in order for these changes to take effect. I think (the world of containers is still a bit new to us :wink: ) this means restarting the container.

Thanks for you answer Colin! Tried that but it seems restarting the whole thing wipes all the stuff i configured. I think that before it executes the it reads the to get the conf right?

Maybe saving my configuration on a volume? havent tried that because what the documentation ( says:

"Use volumes

We recommend creating volumes for the following directories:

  • /opt/sonarqube/conf : for Version 7.9.x only , configuration files, such as ."

And im using 8.2

If you’re using SonarQube v8.2, you should use the environment variables documented in the Environment Variables documentation.


Use of the environment variables SONARQUBE_JDBC_USERNAME , SONARQUBE_JDBC_PASSWORD , and SONARQUBE_JDBC_URL is deprecated

Have you checked out the Install the Server from the Docker Image docs?

I’d recommend not doing anything with the conf/ file – to be quite honest, I’m not sure what overrides what.

@jtesolin I am facing same problem than you…

Did you manage to solve it?

I’ve configured my Azure Container Image using sonarqube:developer:latest.
I did same than @jtesolin.
I configured the file.
I tried to restart like explained in the documentation but I can’t.

@Colin Do you have a solution now?