Connection method change and lost organization admin rights

Hi all,

I’m afraid I was careless about a connection method change and now I’m looking for a way to fix my mess.

I changed my connection method (Github -> GitLab with the same e-mail). If I understood the warning message correctly, my old (Github) account was basically deleted, while a new (GitLab) account was created.

I was resigned to lose my projects (hoping they’ll be deleted, so that they won’t pollute a database needlessly). What I failed to foresee is that I would also lose admin rights on my organizations. What’s problematic here is that I was the sole administrator on those.

The orgs still exist, and still host my projects, but I can’t administer them anymore (I’m basically a read-only user, now). Is there a way to reclaim admin rights on my old organizations with my new account?

If not, is there a way to delete those organizations and their projects altogether? I’d lose the history for the projects, but I’d rather have that than leave useless data.

Thanks for any light you can shed on my problem. Have a nice day!

Welcome to the community!

Not really! I suspect your GitHub and GitLab accounts use the same email address. On SonarCloud, the email address must be unique across all users. To make it possible to login with multiple ALM accounts that share the same email address, what we do is show a warning like this:

The only thing that’s deleted is the email field of the previous account (in your case GitHub), so that the address can be used in the current one (in your case GitLab).

If your account on GitHub still exists, you can log back in with it. When you do, you will get the same warning again, de-associating your email address from your GitLab account, so that it can be used with the GitHub account. As an admin of the org, you can grant admin permission to your GitLab account, and continue to use it.

Note that organizations are linked to accounts. So you cannot transfer the organization itself to your GitLab account. Currently the only way to do that is to delete the organization linked to GitHub, and recreate a new one linked to GitLab.

Thanks, that clarifies things a lot!

That did it, everything’s fine! It seems I may have to do it on individual projects, but I’m autonomous at least.

Of course, I can understand that. Yet, as you highlighted, moving a project from an organization to another is not supported yet (unless this has changed), so that would mean losing my history (probably not that critical, but I like seeing the evolution of a project).

I’ll make do, being able to administer the projects is already a great step forward. Thanks a lot! :slight_smile:

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