Configure jacoco coverage in sonarcube with android muti-mudule android application

I am trying to upload the jacoco report to sonarcube for my android application. But the jacoco xml report is very different from the schema expected by sonarqube.

my build.gradle file has below settings
ext.sonarVersion = ‘2.8’
ext.jacocoVersion = ‘0.8.4’

<report name=“ble”
<sessioninfo id=“MACC02Z14KELVCG-98c810ee” start=“1596731104512” dump=“1596731108970”/

How can I convert the report to Sonarcube Generic format (


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Have you tried using the sonar.coverage.jacoco.xmlReportPaths parameter to pass in your report? Passed in via that parameter I would think the JaCoCo XML format would be recognized and parsed…


Yes. I just figured out the issue. The jacoco plugin was uninstalled from server. I installed it back, and it started working

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