Compiler probing added to 8.x?

we are using an unsupported (in-house) compiler with the CFamily plugin and SonarQube 7.9 and want to migrate to 8.9.
As of 7.9 the probing error (due to the -dM flag not understood by our compiler) appears in the build-wrapper-dump.json but the sonar scanner runs the analysis nevertheless.
With 8.5.1 the scanner seems to run its own compiler probing and exits with an error. Can you confirm that the probing has been added to the scanner?
As we are only importing external issues and run some checks regarding naming conventions with SonarQube there is basically no need for SonarQube to know which compiler is used so the question is if it is somehow possible to disable the probing or ignore the result?


I’ll let the CFamily folks address the issue of probing. I just want to point out that the Build Wrapper is no longer the only way. You can now feed analysis with a Compilation Database instead if you like.


Thx for the hint, unfortunately i am restricted to LTS versions so no 9.x yet but looking forward to reducing build times with this.

Hello @petermbauer,

Yes we probe the compilers that show up on in the build-wrapper json to be able tp preform the analysis(same with compilation database). If you don’t need/want the analysis you should not provide build-wrapper json => no probing.

Thanks for the confirmation. We want the analysis but are only using checks for which the used compiler is not relevant. We will then most probably go for faking a different (supported by SonarQube) compiler to make the build wrapper happy.

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