Community satisfaction survey, June 2022

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The idea of a community is nice and the contributors seem to be great but I think that this kind of support should be just a complement of a real customer support service as a paying customer would expect


Community is great! Ability to ask people who have experience using the tool is a different flavor from (but not a replacement for) reading documentation.

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The Community seems to work fine when I read the threads I have stumbled over.

I may have got into this the wrong way so to speak, but I have seen some threads where a part of the investigation is that the person asking should send logfiles via pm, and that is perfectly understandable and for me obvious.

The issue comes when the thread ends with Resolved…and not a word in the thread about what the resolution was.
Sharing that result, in some kind of anonymized or general form could benefit others in the community. Hence the slight negative vote on the poll.

I am new in this community and intend to stay here some more. The comment is my cent on how we can make this better.