Comments not being added for PR

We’re using Azure DevOps and I’ve got most of the things working.
When creating a PR it gets built, the data sent to SonarCloud and the gate response correctly blocks the PR if there are issues. So far so good!

However, we also need comments to be posted for each issue detected, so that it is clear what the issue is without having to go to the SonarCloud analysis result.

The PAT associated has code read/write access and I’ve configured it in the project settings of SonarCloud in General Settings → Pull Requests → Azure DevOps Services → Personal Access Token

Is there anything I’m missing? Some logs I can check?

Hey there.

If the Quality Gate is being reported and successfully blocking the merge of the PR, I’d be really surprised that issues aren’t also being commented.

Can you share some screenshots of the types of issues you’re expecting to see (that you see raised on SonarCloud) that you aren’t seeing commented on your pR?