Code smell (csharpsquid:S1075 => Remove this hardcoded path-delimiter.) triggered also on URL

[Developer Edition Version 9.6.1 (build 59531)]

The code smell (csharpsquid:S1075 => Remove this hardcoded path-delimiter.) is triggered also on URL (not only URI).

string url = “tcp://” + tcpAddress + “:” + tcpPort+ “/” + “blabla”;

This rule triggers on hardcoded path-delimiters for URLs, too, not just for local paths.
URL path delimiters are constant across all environments, so there is no need to make them dynamic.

Hi Julien,

An URL is a particular type of URI (see also

Our rule will check for all kind of hardcoded URIs and suggest replacing them with configurable parameters in order to ease testing.

We do not consider this case a false positive.