Code Coverage issue with Pull requests

(Muddsar) #1


We are using SQ 7.5. I have a usecase and i need help in order to resolve that.

I have quality gate setup for my project which specify current code coverage should not be less than 25%, which is current code coverage on my develop branch.

If i create a PR from my feature branch to develop branch, it triggers a pipeline and runs the SonarScanner to do the analysis. For PR it applies fixed quality gate which doesn’t bother if code coverage has changes. If i update my PR with some new code changes which actually reduces my code coverage to 24.5%, the pipeline for PR rerun and still gets passed as it applies fixed quality gate. When this PR gets merged to develop it is going to fail the pipeline for develop as it validates the changes across actual Quality Gate which states Code Coverage should not be less than 25%.

How do we handle this scenario.


(Benoit) #2


See this answer to a similar question: Sonar Cloud Widget on Atlassian Bitbucket Cloud Pull Request shows Green Albeit Code Quality is in Error

(Muddsar) #3

Thanks Benoit