Code coverage is showing as zero while i can see the code bugs, vulnerabillity and code smell issues

I am using the community version.

I see the following issue:

  1. code coverage is zero.
  2. created 2 same instances one instance show zero vulnerability and other show 278 for same code.
    on investigating i saw the code is not fully scanned some folder of the code were un touched. i am using sonarqube with jenkins and code commit as repo.
  3. If i see the vulnerabillity count it show only 2 type bugs . while when i manually review the code there are some other loop holes which sonar is not highlighting. though there are plug enable to highlight those issue.


It’s best to isolate one problem per thread. Please pick whichever is most urgent for you and concentrate on that first.


For me both the problems are equally important. I see they are linked somehow