Clone permission template

hi everyone,

i would like to suggest the following new Feature: “cloning of a permission template”

  • Add an Option to Options-Icon at two locations (see below) to clone the current selected permission template.
  • Ask for a new Permission Template ID and create a new permission template with the identical user/group config as the source and the new name/ID as requested. Leave the Project Key Pattern empty

Two locations:

  • Inside the Permission Template Dialog at /admin/permission_templates?id=xyz
  • In the Permission Template List on the right side

As i tried to (re-)structure the visibility of created projects, i had the need to create a permission group for a different sonar.projectKey prefix but with nearly the same User/Group configuration.

I did not find a way to “clone” a permission Template under a new name with a different Project Key Pattern. And so i looked around but found no good way to easily recreate this configuration for a new Permission Template.