Clear Dashboard

  • I’m trying to remove or clear the dashboard and the report back to zero may I how is it done cause there is no clear instruction in the documentary, Do I need to clear the database?

    So to explain further, for testing, I connected this new sonarqube instance to a oracle database that is being use by another sonarqube instance. but when I reconnected this instance to a new oracle database the numbers are still there I thought it will disappear once I analyze a project from the jenkins but it didn’t. and another thing the new projects are not showing up in the dashboard but present in project>management tab

Hey there.

Based on your screenshots, is a very old version of SonarQube. I hope that when you say “for testing” – you’re testing for an upgrade!

You’ll want to clear out the data/es folder of your SonarQube instance and restart.

thanks for the response colin, that solve the issue and yes we’re on the process of upgrading the version.

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