"Clean as You Code" Defaults


Regarding the “Clean as You Code” defaults.

Messages to users is confusing/distracting and not useful to a majority. Why? Because they don’t often have control of the Quality Gates. These messages should be limited to those having Quality Gate admins rights. Even so, users should be able to opt-out and/or dismiss them, once seen.

While I agree on the “Clean as You Code” concepts having things forced IS NOT the only way people work. For instance, we have “graduating scales” of quality gates, wherein our teams use an approved “Remediation Plan” to go from various percentages of compliance in stages. We celebrate and update the remediation plans as they progress over time for existing code. The Clean As You Go doesn’t always support this concept (although focused mostly on new code). So we adjusted the default duplication and coverage–yet users still get a message because “it’s not recommended” that we have other constraints. Tough… some orgs simply have other constraints. So, can we release an update which allows some flexibility here??


Hi Brian

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Clean As You Code, it’s really helpful. I’ll refer this to @vivek.reghunath, our Clean As You Code Product Manager who can give a better response than me, and share more on the improvements in the pipeline.


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Hello Brian,

Thank you very much for sharing the feedback. We are aware of this concern and will be improving the experience around this in upcoming releases.

Outstanding! You all are great–that’s why we keep using your product!!