Clarification on Creation Date

I wasn’t able to understand the documentation fully.

Basically, assume some issues are newly discovered during an analysis, and this is part of normal operation (existing project, not a new rule) so there is no backdating.

The actual analysis may take many minutes depending on project size. Are all non-backdated new issues found in this analysis given the same exact creation date, rather than being spread over those many minutes?

And does this date/time match the date field in the versions list for this analysis?

IOW, if I use the project_analyses/search endpoint of the web_api to look up a particular analysis of my project, and use the field returned by the call for the createdAt parameter to issues/search, will that give me all the issues newly found (and not backdated) for that analysis?


This is a great question. What I’ve observed in the past - and I have no reason to think it’s changed - is that issue creation dates won’t necessarily match your analysis timestamp. So when searching issues you’ll want to use createdAfter.