Circuitbreaking Exception | Sonarqube 5.4

–> I am Currently using sonarqube 5.4 which I recently upgraded from 4.5.6. It was working fine while yesterday it stopped showing me the issues in the code and an error popped up.

–> I checked logs and it was showing circuitbreaking exception, Elasticsearch exception.

–> I am unable to see my sonar reports and trying to resolve this issue.

–> I have searched for it and found that it is caused due to heap size. Currently my sonar is using 1 GB heap size. What should be the size of heap size that I should use so that it does not slow down?

Welcome to the community forum ! SonarQube 5.4 was a long time ago, and we won’t be able to assist you on such old version. I suggest you to read this topic, and upgrade to a recent version of SonarQube.