Chart with Top 10 Issues per project


I’m getting started with SonarQube and try to get a chart with the Top 10 issues (bugs) per project. So I can focus on a major problems in my software projects.
What I found so far is under project -> issues -> rules the top 15 rules. This information I exactly want to display as a chart. How can I do this?

SonarQube 7.6 Dev Edition
Sonar CFamilyPlugin

Thanks so far!


The only issues charts you’re going to find are in the project’s Measures page, where you’ll find bubble charts that show the files in the project, not individual issues.

Why isn’t the chart you’re looking for available? Well first, everyone’s going to have their own ideas of “Top 10 issues”. Second, we feel it’s far more important to focus not so much on remediation, but on keeping new code clean, so that’s what the interface helps you focus on. Okay yes, if after the first analysis you find you blocker bugs in old code, you do probably want to go ahead and fix them. But after the initial settling in period, you really do want to focus on the New Code Period.

Also, I need to make sure you understand that the list of rules you’re seeing on the Issues page isn’t a “top 15” by any measure but volume. By default, that list is the 15 rules (this is expandable to 100) with the most open issues. There’s really no other significance to that list, so you probably shouldn’t use it for prioritization until after you’ve filtered your issue set by maybe type and severity.


Hi Ann,

thanks you very much for your quick response and sorry for responding this lately.

Yes, I found the bubble chart and I really liked it. It helps to get myself started with SonarQube. Based on this Chart the idea of a top 10 issue came to my mind, which would help in finding my way into SonarQube.

I agree that it’s important to focus on new code and make it better. It’s a good approach.

About the top 15 rules list, isn’t it useful when the software has to behave according to a subset of rules like rules tagged with cert, misra etc.? I think therefor it’s a very good tool.

kind regards,

Hi Michel,

I’m glad you’re finding your way in SonarQube. :slight_smile:

Just to follow up, issues inherit their rules’ tags, so you can filter issues by for instance ‘cert’ and ‘misra’ tags. Additionally, you’ll find that a Security Category facet has been added in recent versions of SonarQube, which will also give you easy issue filtering CERT, CWE and more.