Changing SonarCloud GitHub PR Summary

Hello community,

we are using SonarCloud in our private repos. Our standard command template from SonarCloud, in our PRs, looks like this:

Can it be modified by adding/removing metrics? In particular, we would like to show different metrics for code coverage. Thank you in advance!


Sorry, but the metrics that show up there are hard-coded.

Since this feature doesn’t exist, would you care to share a little more about your use case (to perhaps catch the interest of the Product Manager)?


Yes. So, we have modified our Quality Gate, and we would like to reflect these changes in the comments in every PR. In particular, we are interested in the “Uncovered lines” metric, and we would like to hide the “Coverage” metric (which includes the uncovered conditions, that are really not useful in C++ as they take into considerations branch that are not inside your software, like the ones in the standard library).

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