Change SonarQube edition in Bitnami image

I am running a Bitnami SonarQube VM on Azure. It comes with the community edition installed, but I want to change to the Enterprise Edition. Does anyone know how to do this?

I have tried copying the file from the CE to the EE folder, then renaming the EE folder as “sonarqube”, which is the name of the folder that the Bitnami startup script looks for, but it fails to startup SonarQube.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hi, we have the similar issue here.

We’re on AWS.

Any Bitnami AMI for the Developer Edition of SonarQube?


Check out my thread on the Bitnami forum. I haven’t been able to get the Enterprise Edition working with their instructions yet, but maybe it will work for you.

Keep us updated.

hey how much did you pay for it


Since I see this thread getting late traffic, I’ll follow up by pointing out that there are supported Docker images now for Community Edition, Developer Edition and Enterprise Edition. (Data Center Edition coming “soon”!).