Change in root path

We want to switch our analysis from an on-premise build to an Azure DevOps pipeline. As a result of this change the root path of the source files are changed. The current path for the on-prem analysis is e.g. Source/folder1/folder2/file.cpp, the new path for the analysis in Azure DevOps is like folder1/folder2/file.cpp, so the root element Source is missing. Due to this changed root path Sonarcloud marks all issues as new issues. Is there a possibility to avoid this behaviour so all known issues will stay the same?

Hey there.

Is this for an analysis of your main branch, on pull requests, or both? At least for the former, file-move detection should kick in (the latter – it works in SonarQube, but hasn’t been implemented in SonarCloud yet)

Hi Colin,

it is the analysis for the main branch and the analysis is done in Sonarcloud