Change Coverage Default View?

Is it possible to change the default coverage view from “list” to “tree?” Our team finds this view much simpler and I’d like to default to it.

Hello Jake,

And thanks for the suggestion! It’s interesting and we are currently discussing it internally, we will update this thread with a ticket once we agree on what should be done.

What we are currently thinking about is to save the last used view type of the user and re-use the same one when going back to this page.

Would you say that you prefer the “tree” view only for the coverage page ? or for other as well ? Do you often find yourself switching between views ? (expect what you always do on the coverage page with the tree view)

Hello, @Gregoire_Aubert!

I would say that I prefer the “tree” view for all of the pages I use in SonarCloud. I think it’s the most intuitive for my team. Thanks for looking into this!

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