Certain code base and violations count increased

Sonar Job A was running on certain code base and violations count till 11 June was 33000 and this job contains sonar_project key B.
Now we have created a new job with different name but by mistake used same sonar_project key of job A i.e. sonar_project key B so it is integrated with Job B. Now when we are running job A again on same code base violations count got increased to more than 2 lakh. We have removed integrated new job from Job A still violations count is 2 Lakh as won’t fix got opened which was closed earlier because of new job integration.

Now we want to go back to earlier state that were on 11th June with violations count 33000 so what is the way to restore job A back to 11 June state. Can’t try database restore as it may mess up other projects on sonar.