CAYC - Clean As You Code Stats Plugin

Hi there!

We’ve been looking at the Clean As You Code Stats plugin in the next sonarqube instance (SonarQube) in the early stages of development of the 10.0 release.

We are a little bit confused that now, that the version had been released, and we could not find the plugin in the package as default, on github or on binaries.sonarsource.

It has been very useful for us to show the stats graphic to our customers in order to encourage them to apply Clean as you Code metodology, showing them the advantages over time of applying it.

Is there any chance that the plugin will be released soon?


Hi Mario,

Glad to hear that the plugin was useful in encouraging your customers to apply Clean as You Code methodology. Yes, we are working on making the plugin available to our users. You will be able to use this soon.

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