Can't find rule "Promises should not be misused"

I’m using docker sonarqube version 10.0.0-community on my local.
I’m also using sonarcloud service, but I don’t know what version it is because I’m only a member.
I installed sonarlint plugin version in WebStorm

I found a different rule between them. I can’t find rule Promises should not be misused in docker sonarqube, but I can find it in sonarcloud. I also checked this rule on sonarsource, the same result with sonarcloud.

then, I searched it by key and got different result.
sonarqube result:
Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 10 44 00

sonarcloud result:
Screen Shot 2023-05-29 at 10 44 13

sonarsource result: ref

I’m not sure how to get the same result between them.
which is correct?

SonarCloud is ahead of SonarQube (with analyzer updates continuously deployed) – so when the next SonarQube release is available, they should be in sync again (the rule scope has changed recently).

Thanks for your response. It’s clear now :+1:

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