Can't find file "-profiler.xml" after analysing the project with sonar.showProfiling option

When I launching build in TeamCity, after the build is completed, I’d like to have information about where the scanner spends time. For this I tried to use sonar.showProfiling option.
In Teamcity build I have a build step “SonarQube Runner”, where I added “-Dsonar.showProfiling=true” to additional parameters.
After the build is completed I have no idea where to find that very “-profiler.xml” file.
Could you please advise, where can I find it? (I’ve looked for it in build artifacts, but to no avail)

That feature (and the corresponding parameter) was removed in v7.3.
If you run the scanner in debug, you can get an idea how long each step takes (execution of sensors, WS requests, etc).
We’ll update the docs.