Can't bind organization without entering payment details again


My company has purchased a one-year licence for SonarCloud (paid in advance via invoice) and I was sent a coupon code to use during the sign-up process.

We created a new user within our BitBucket Cloud organisation specifically for SonarCloud access, and I completed the sign-up process for SonarCloud using these credentials and the coupon code. However, when trying to import repositories, none were being found.

After some adjustment of settings in BitBucket we eventually made the new user an admin account, which now gives us the option to properly bind the BitBucket Organisation to SonarCloud. Unfortunately however, we are then being asked to submit payment details again and the coupon code is no longer valid (presumably because it was already used).

How can we properly bind our organisation to SonarCloud without signing up for a new account?



Hi Iain, can you please send this request on We’ll sort this out with you.