Cannot Select Multiple Projects to Bind in SonarLint 4.0 Plugin

In the SonarLint 4.0 plugin, I can no longer select multiple projects and use the “autobind” facility to simply select all projects to bind at once.

The dialog that was previously displayed now only has a “search” text field that only allows me to select a single project.

I am also affected by this problem. The autobind facility is absolutely essential if you have more than a handful of projects.

Sorry for the late reply, I missed this thread.

Auto-bind was used to bind Eclipse projects to specific modules in SonarQube. The concept of modules has been dropped from SonarQube, so now you “just” have to bind all your Eclipse projects to the same SonarQube project. This is of course assuming they are modules of the same project.
If you want to bind multiple Eclipse projects to different SonarQube projects then indeed the situation is a bit more difficult, especially if you have many projects.

We are discussing bringing back auto-bind at project level, but this is a complex topic to do it right, so no short-term plans.