Cannot see AxonFramework organization

We (the team at AxonIQ) are trying to setup the Open Source AxonFramework projects for SonarCloud, but although in GitHub SonarCloud is marked as an “Installed GitHub app”, and I am marked as one of the owners of the org in GitHub, I cannot see the organization in SonarCloud.

Bert Laverman

Ok, we found out only one of the owners was actually added as member. He added me and now I can do things. Isn’t automatic synchronization default, as it said in the “Create org” dialog?


Yes it should be automatically enabled when you import the organization. But if the organization was created manually and then later bound to Github, then the automatic sync is not the default and must be manually enabled.
And once you log into SonarCloud with your Github account, you are automatically added your organization.

So in you case, I’m not sure if something went wrong:

  • With the activation of the automatic sync feature ?
  • Or with adding your account to the org at login time if the sync was enabled ?

Or was your org already created and later bound to Github ?

Given that it is an Open Source framework, could it be some other person tried importing it, which created the organisation, but failed all other initialization steps?

Anyway, now that I have access, I will enable automatic synchronization.

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