Cannot reach Sonarqube localhost after upgrade 7.9 LTS to 8.9 LTS


Information about SQ version.

  • Version SQ 8.9 LTS, jdk 11.

I wanted to upgrade from version 7.9 LTS to 8.9 LTS. In version 7.9 LTS I was able to access the Sonar website from localhost:9000, however after upgrading from 7.9LTS to 8.9LTS I cannot access the localhost and I get HTTP 302 after db migration. Additionally, webhooks are not working properly as they are trying to access the localhost. I am aware that since version 8.9 LTS the security issues in webhooks have changed. I am still wondering why I am getting an HTTP 302 response from localhost:9000.

Thank you in advance for your reply

Hello @Kamil_Blaz,

Happy New Year 2022 and welcome to the SonarSource community :wave: . I hope you’ll enjoy it.

I doubt that the problem you have is related to the 7.9 to 8.9 upgrade since the SonarQube product has not changed of behaviour between the 2 versions. I rather suspect a human error in the upgrade process.

  • First of all, did you verify that, when the 9000 port is not responding, the SonarQube 8.9 instance is running (you should have 3 Java processes running) ?
  • Have you indeed made sure that your reported the of your 7.9 platform exactly the same way on your of 8.9 ?
  • Is it possible that you misconfigured the 9000 post on the 8.9 ?
  • Can you provide your 8.9 instance file for inspection ?