Cannot add project to application until master branch has been analysed


We wish to group projects by the application to which they relate and to analyse different teams’ contributions to that application. Our development teams work in team-specific branches, which are analysed on every commit and then teams merge into ‘develop’ branch (also analysed), which is released at regular intervals. In many cases, ‘master’ branch is either not used at all, or not used until well into the development lifecycle of the project.

Ideally, we would group all the projects together under a sonarqube “application” and then create branches under that application that map to the team-specific branches for each project, however it seems projects cannot be added to the application until the master branch has been analysed.


Version: (Enterprise Edition)

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new project
  • Analyse a number of branches, but not master branch
  • Create new application
  • Attempt to add project to application

Expected behaviour:
When typing in the project name or key, the project should appear in the list of available projects to add

Actual behaviour:
Project does not appear in list

Workaround: None found


I think the workaround would be to analyze the main branch. :smiley:

But I’m going to move this to the New Feature category, since the functionality you’re describing isn’t available today.


Hi Ann,

Thanks for the response, but I’m not sure I agree this is a new feature - this functionality is already present when creating portfolios, just not applications. This seems more like an inconsistency in the interface - it just requires that the selection list for applications is populated with projects that exist, rather than projects with an already-performed analysis of the master branch.