Can we connect or integrate sonarqube with MKS integrity client?

This is a generic question i am posting to understand if the Sonarqube supports integration with MKS integrity , to perform code scans? I did have a look at the Sonarqube docs but failed to see any article that supports the requirement.
I am using Sonarqube Developer Edition 8.5.1.
The MKS integrity client which we are using is 11.0.

We are currently using codesonar with MKS integrity to perform code coverage, but we want to have Sonarqube as main code coverage tool for all our requirements and discontinue codesonar.


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It’s not clear from my Googling what kind of integration you would expect with MKS Integrity. Since this has something to do with test coverage, and I’m not aware of an out-of-the-box integration, I’ll default to saying you may find the Generic Test Data format useful.